Whether it’s a 90-minute workshop or a full three-day intensive curriculum, Lorraine Williams will deliver an impactful, highly-customized experience designed to meet a specific need.

She’s an experienced, talented workshop facilitator, adept at interacting and resonating with any kind of audience … from small teams of employees to huge audiences of business / industry stakeholders.

Lorraine will deliver.

  • She knows exactly how to craft and present to most effective workshops customized to specific leadership or communications needs.
  • Lorraine is an impassioned workshop facilitator, able to break through to any group and keep everyone moving forward to improve their leadership capabilities and leverage new skill sets.
  • She can adapt whatever format and approach will work best with your group, whether your workshop window is part of a day, one day or even more than one day.

Getting started.

  • Lorraine will work closely with you to understand your specific goals, the intended audience and the desired outcomes for your workshop.
  • Based on your discussions, she’ll develop and present a crisp and consequential workshop that will ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.
So if you’re looking for a meaningful workshop to enhance or improve your team or your organization, reach out to Lorraine.

Workshop topics and themes:

  • “Power In The Workplace”
  • “Emotional Intelligence: Key To Influence”
  • “Difficult Conversations”
  • Other workshops per your request
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