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Lorraine Williams supported our company during a period where we had to deal with internal discord and efforts to rebuild in a healthy way once the underlying issues were addressed. We involved her in conflict resolution in a one on one setting as well as within a team environment to helping role players to understand their coworkers as well as themselves. Lorraine is a highly skilled facilitator that grasps situations and gets people instinctively. Her input was healthy and successful.

Werner Venter
CEO / Co-Owner: Munda Interiors

Woodford Joseph - Manager, Business Systems/ MOSAIC ERG President - Tropicana Products

“Your positive approach and skillful facilitation was very unique in the way you involved our panel of various community leaders and business leaders. What also made a difference was your ability to draw out what each of our visions are for the business and our community. The way you examined the business in terms of systems and inviting each of us to look at areas we could both individually and as a team improve – helped each person fully participate…”

Woodford Joseph

My name is Jeff Boudrie and I am a PGA Member golf professional. I organize “continuing education” seminars in Florida for the PGA of America. Last year, we hired Lorraine Williams to run a forum for our professionals on leadership. She focused the group conversation on the differences between “IQ” and “EQ” (emotional quotient). Taking a different look at how we manage ourselves, our jobs, our employees and our customers in these terms was truly an eye-opening experience for everyone in attendance. Lorraine’s ability to connect with each member of the seminar was truly fantastic. We all left the conference motivated and inspired with a new perspective on how we interact with the world around us.

Jeff Boudrie
PGA Member

Light Up Your Life

“Working with Teams and Conflict Resolution are most certainly Lorraine’s forte … her personal skills, intuition, honesty, humour, clarity and compassion allow her to enroll people in believing in the value of connecting, emotional intelligence, resolving issues and collaborating”.

Monika Oberer

Awesome, gifted practitioner of the MBTI. She facilitated a day long retreat for my team with a focus on MBTI as well as EQ. She is brilliant and passionate about organizational leadership and how to help companies be their best. I look forward to continuing to work with her as my company grows!

Nilofer Khatri

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